The Guitars

No. 005 - Gradidge Len Hutton 'Four Roses'.

This is a vintage Gradidge of London bat in incredible condition, dating from the early 1950s. The great Len Hutton used their bats during the 1930's and gave his name to this model in honour of an outstanding career including a record breaking 364 runs against australia in 1938.

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No. 009 - Signed Gunn & Moore 'County'.

This is an autographed bat from the early 1990s, signed by Worcestershire on the front and Durham CCC on the back. Unfortunately as is often the way with these signed bats, many of the signatures are obscured by the control plate. Not a situation I'm over the moon about, but there's not really any way round it. This is a bat that has never seen use with a ball and is in lovely condition apart from a few odd marks and dinks of day to day wear and tear.

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No. 010 - Signed Slazenger 1977 'Ashes Victory'.

This is an unused bat from the 1977 Ashes series, won 3-0 by England, with signatures on the front of England and Australia players. Although many of these have been lost beneath the bridge plate and control panel, it remains a lovely signed Ashes bat. Still recognisable Australian tourists include Ian Davis, Rick McCosker, Gary Cozier and Doug Walters. On the back we have the faded autographs of the 1977 gilette cup finalists Middlesex and Glamorgan. Sitting boldly at the bottom, the clear signatures of commentators Peter West and Henry Blofeld, bless 'em. This is a bat that has seen no use with a ball and is in lovely condition apart from a few odd marks and dinks of thirty years handling. Nothing serious however.

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No. 012 - Slazenger V 600.

This is a lightly used bat probably from the late 90�s, with some nice red cricket ball strikes near the top.

The bottom half has no ball marks as it was with a clear protection, which I removed to leave the original bare willow.

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