Gradidge 'Len Hutton' Four Roses

No. 005

Gradidge 'Len Hutton' Four Roses.

This is a vintage Gradidges of London bat in incredible condition, dating from the early 1950ís. The great Len Hutton used their bats during the 1930's and gave his name to this model in honour of an outstanding career including a record breaking 364 runs against australia in 1938.

Removing the handle from this bat was one of the most difficult decisions of my life, made only worthwhile by the finished instrument - one I shall be loathe to part with. This is a bat that has never seen use with a ball and is in lovely condition apart from a few odd marks and dinks of day to day wear and tear. Even has the care sticker on the back still!

The hand made heel piece beneath the neck plate is solid cherry as is the bridge support and neck pick-up cover plate.

The neck is a brand new maple fingerboarded tele copy, with medium jumbo frets and Schaller style machines. Pick ups are basic al-nico but can be upgraded. Please contact me for more photos of this guitar.

Reverse View